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Following the release of the vSphere 7 Security guide last October, I thought it was about time I updated my PowerCLI script to speed up compliance checking. My vSphere 6.5 guide was reasonably popular so I’m hoping people will find this equally useful!

Download Here on Gitlab

The script is pretty straightforward and will provide exported CSVs where possible

  1. Select location to save CSVs

  2. Select which cluster you want to run this against

  3. Select which security guideline you want to check

  4. In instances where there is a PowerCLI command that can run, you will be provided with a description of what its checking as well as the results
  5. If it’s not possible to check with PowerCLI, you will be provided with a description following by details on what you should be checking as documented in the guide

To download the original guide from VMware, please go to the following link:


Download Here on Gitlab

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